~ Be you ~Love you ~

It took me many life lessons to fall in love with myself. All of myself. I no longer care about the pressures that society tries to instill upon me. My body is the vessel for my mind and soul. My size and appearance doesn’t change my morals and values. It doesn’t give me an automatic pass for unkindness because of body perfection. It doesn’t change my thinking or my moving forward. Thinking less of yourself only destroys your inner strength. You have one heart, one soul, one body and one life. Life changes are inevitable. Overcoming boundaries are apart of our journey. Where I once disliked who I was, I worked hard at changing that relationship. And although I’m chronically ill, that love doesn’t waver. I may doubt my abilities at times, but my self love is solid. I am me and that is perfect for me. Be you and love yourself immensely.

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