Self-Pity in Chocolate

Peggy Bundy had it all figured out {the show…married with children}   Do nothing…   No housework, no cooking and no cleaning {well I can’t do that…seriously not possible}, while lying on the couch in front of the television eating Bonbons.   This is my kinda party… the pity party. 

My pity party is a private party for me, myself and I.   It consists of comfort food; chocolate, popcorn, chocolate, and sometimes ice cream  along with a complimentary box of tissue.  There’s no alcohol at this party and\or other substances {plus my addiction or substance preferred is shopping…retail therapy… which is my husband’s worst nightmare}.  Strictly water is permitted and encouraged to replenish the water loss from the waterworks eye show.  

 This usually occurs after I have suffered for several days consecutively and that one morning…simple tasks are  just extremely difficult and utterly frustrating.  I then know this is going to be a bad day.   I’ve been fighting hard but I just accept that Mr. Lupus and Ms. RA have won today.    So I put on my “fake face” for my daughter and see her off.    I go back to bed and sleep until the early afternoon, then move to the couch with my comfort food, water and tissues.  I watch all my sappy shows {This is US … sooo fing good} so I can ball my eyes out.   I’m not talking that cute cry with big sexy like tears.. like in the movie…looking all sultry and shit.  I’m talking the big nasty ugly cry… eyes swollen; nose running snotty face …where people would be afraid to approach you even if they were able recognized you. 

The pity party is therapeutic.  It’s a time to cope with all the emotions you’ve been pushing back and under the rug for the last several weeks.   It’s a time to allow yourself to have a “real “moment where you’re not putting on a front or a show.   This is where you feel your real emotions of resentment, anger, pity… It’s the “feel sorry for yourself phase”.   Not only is it OK to do this.   You NEED to give yourself permission to do it.    For me, these pity parties are essential for my mental health.   They give me the strength to move on and continue my “mind over matter” strategy.

A couple of hours before my family arrive;  I get myself together by putting the tears and self-pity away.    I start my “ positive self-prep talk”.   I remind myself that everyone has a story and mine could be much worse.   I could already have hands that are disfigured.  I could already be crippled instead of it just being a risk at this point.   I remind myself that I’ve been fighting my ass off  and have more points on the score board then Ms. RA and Mr. Lupus to date.  I remind myself..I AM winning!.. and today is just another indicator of that.  I also thank myself for the emotion cleanse and remind myself that I deserved this day BUT tomorrow we are back to KICKiNG SOME ASS. 

So enjoy your pity party.. and get the good chocolate.   Bad chocolate just makes you feel worse. 

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