Sit in Silence

Silence can be medicine. Silence can be a joy. Silence can be a prison. Silence can create the greatest fear in some. Silence can cause our subconscious to speak the truth we hide away from.

Silence is my medicine. Silence is my meditation. Silence is the antidote I take to recognize my inner power; Self-growth. I am now at a stage in my life where I am always evaluating to be better, to be kinder, to love openly, and to trust. There is always work to do within ourselves and this is our greatest purpose.

Sitting in silence with one’s self can be terrifying. Acknowledging errors and areas of improvement is self-awakening. It is also scary. Being truthful with ourselves can be a form of acknowledging mistakes, and as a form of learning. It can also be a mirror to the ugly thoughts we think more frequently than the pretty ones.

If you are a chronic illness sufferer, sitting in silence means also feeling the real pain you’ve been avoiding through movement. We move consistently and constantly until we crash. We avoid the real pain because it makes the disease real… and sitting in that reality is lonely. We have nothing in common with the healthy. We forget what it is like to feel well. We feel lost.

Recognizing your pain can be therapeutic and freeing. Listening to your body explaining what it needs and how it needs it, is miraculous. Silence and rest are necessary to move forward in self -growth. We need to hear what we are really thinking in order to pursue happiness and contentment.

I learned early on through yoga that silence is a gift. To be with only yourself is a great discipline. When I stop and listen to myself, I hear and feel all the emotion that I have pushed away to keep being resilient. However, that’s not the true meaning of resiliency. To be resilient we must have confidence, optimism, and hope. Regularly evaluating our morals and values and actively living them is linked to a higher resilience state.

I know that I have always been resilient. I have overcome many barriers that would be enough for two lifetimes, however, I have never lost hope in myself or the human race. I believe love will conquer all. I believe in sitting in your truth at your own pace. I believe in living a life balance between avoidance and acceptance. I believe in having strong boundaries in all areas of your life. I also believe in compromising that boundary depending on the effect it will have on you in the long run.

Sitting in silence is also another way of showing yourself admiration. Being with oneself is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. You allow your mind to wander without influential stimuli. Your senses are more in tune. Your perceptions have more clarity and most of all you enjoy your own company. When you can have a positive relationship with yourself, your interpersonal skills with others are heightened.

Silence is a gift, loving yourself is a gift.

So love you, enjoy you and live anyway…

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