About Inspire through RA

Inspire through RA was created out of a need for a different form of support.   As an autoimmune disease survivor discovering uplifting support is far and few between.  Many online forums are depressing.  They are excellent for venting the frustrations and tribulations that are lived with these diseases however reading everyone’s pain everyday was causing me mental anguish.   I need some inspiration and laughter to assist me in pushing through.   I need to hear successes in living with this.   I need something positive to come from this mess. 

I was diagnosed in 2006 with Tumid Lupus.   After a traumatic labour and delivery, Lupus decided to manifest and introduce RA into my life.  It took 3 years to diagnose.  I went to three different Rhuemy’s (Rheumatologists) and in seeing the third and final one; I had to take the clipboard out of the Doctor’s hand in order to be listened too.  Finally Dr. Chow did all of the necessary testing and surprise!!!! .. my official diagnosis: Severe Progressive Rheumatoid Arthritis. 

I am a Child and Youth Counsellor (23 years), employed in Child Welfare for the last 13 years.   In order to survive some of the trauma and vicarious trauma that is experienced in the child welfare\social services world,  I had to ensure humor is at the fore front of everything that is me.  It is no different in trying to live and survive these horrid autoimmune diseases.

My goal: to uplift someone, even for a short moment and to just maybe inspire someone to keep fighting.   Even life in pain can be wonderful.     

***Beware, I swear and in my mind I sound like Eddy Murphy while doing it***